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The Nyman Group discuss Downtown Las Vegas on the No Vacancy Podcast

Monday, January 15th, 2018


New year, new start. We’re just over two weeks into 2018 and already experiencing exciting times in Las Vegas and around the globe. While we are still all moving and grooving and getting into high gear, Las Vegas is already there as the city welcomes in the biggest and best attended conventions in January and as such The Nyman Group received a pleasant visit to the city by Glenn Haussman of Rouse Media and the No Vacancy Podcast. Corey T. Nyman and Craig Asher Nyman along with Justin Kingsley Hall of Atomic Kitchen joined Glenn for a Downtown roundtable chat to talk the latest and greatest happening in Las Vegas and what to look forward to with the year ahead.




Download the podcast HERE.

And if your travels, business or pleasure, bring you to Las Vegas, give us a call.

Cheers to a great year ahead!


HOTELS Magazine: F&B Meetings get the trendy local touch, too

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

Here’s some perspective on the continued trend of LOCAL in all aspects of Food & Beverage, including the impact upon Meetings and Banquets.  Courtesy of our friends at HOTELS Magazine and written by Brittany Farb Gruber, they showcase a few hotels that are embracing this direction.

Posted yesterday, F&B: Meetings get the trendy local touch, too article is a great, quick piece.

As a part of the research for the piece, our Director of Operations, Corey T. Nyman was interviewed providing great information and is quoted directly at the end of the article.

Make sure you read HOTELS Magazine regularly for the latest news in the industry, as they embody their tagline ‘Passion for Hospitality’ – extremely true!


Director of Operations, Corey T. Nyman to address attendees at Canadian Gaming Summit

Monday, June 13th, 2016

The Nyman Group’s Director of Operations, Corey T. Nyman is in Ottawa this week to deliver the keynote address at the Canadian Gaming Summit. Corey will be addressing attendees on Tuesday, June 14 at 9 a.m. local time.

Corey T Nyman

Titled Food & Beverage in a Changing World, his address will encompass where we are at today, tomorrow and the future in Food & Beverage overall. The speech will discuss Guests/Players, Industry Professionals, Local Customers and how they all blend together while looking at trends, flavors, ideas, concepts, brands, relationships and more – all adding to greater experience at our casinos and facilities, then leading to revenue and ROI.

For more information please click HERE.

October with The Nyman Group

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Hello friends!  As we’re well into Fall right now, with Halloween around the corner, things at The Nyman Group are never boring.  It’s an exciting time for us and we wanted to take a moment to share with each of you.


Robert J. Nyman

Robert was recently quoted in an article in Hotels Magazine in a piece by Ann Bagel Storck, titled ‘Prime Cuts’ – innovative ways to keep Food & Beverage costs in check.  You can find the piece here, with Robert’s words on the first page.

Additionally, Robert recently was a guest of ‘The Radio Show’ with Glenn Haussman of Hotel Interactive – take a listen to Robert’s commentary here regarding current food trends in the industry.  He is a regular contributor to Glenn’s podcasts and it’s a great perspective overall.


Corey T. Nyman

Corey had the pleasure to be invited to pour his Labor Wines 2011 Pinot Noir at the Vegas edition of Cochon, held on Sunday night October 21st.  This was the All-Star Cochon event with 10 chefs from around the country gathering in Las Vegas to share their different flavors of pork while being joined by wines, spirits and beers, along with great friends.  Take a look here to find out more about the event and see some photos as well.


Craig Asher Nyman

Well, for Craig the biggest weekend of his year has finally arrived! This Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Downtown Las Vegas Craig’s hard work culminates in the launch of the Life Is Beautiful Festival.  He has been working on a large variety of aspects of the event including Booking, Ticketing, Packages, VIPs and too many more to count.  Take a look here to learn more about the event and if you still haven’t bought your tickets and are going to be in Vegas, come on down!



The latest at The Nyman Group

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Greetings to all of you – just wanted to share some of the happenings for us at The Nyman Group.


Robert has continued his writing for Hotel Interactive, crafting another piece, titled, ‘Four More Years’ which was recently published online.  Click here for the full article.  If you have any thoughts or opinions, we know he’d love to hear from you, so feel free to send him a note here as well.


The last quarter of 2012 has proved to be quite an exciting one for CAN Media and Craig.  Most recently he was hired as Head of Music & Live Performances for Aurelian Marketing Group’s, Life Is Beautiful Festival, a two-day event planned for the Fall of 2013 in Downtown Las Vegas. Additional partners in Life Is Beautiful include Another Planet Entertainment, Downtown Project and MAKTUB Marketing.  CAN Media was also retained by spirits company William Grant & Sons to handle PR in Nevada.  The portfolio of spirits includes Glenfiddich, The Balvenie, Milagro Tequila, Stolichnaya, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Hendricks Gin.  Craig also completed a successful entertainment consulting opportunity with The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Entertainment Team serving as the interview talent for Sunset Sessions, a three-day music event of up-and-coming bands and musicians.


Recently, Corey launched the Sunday Feast Dinner Series with his good friend Chef Geno Bernardo and creating ‘Labor Wines & Local Swine’ for the inaugural event.  Held on Sunday, November 4th, the dinner was a fantastic experience held at The Palms Resort & Casino in Las Vegas at Geno’s restaurant, Nove Italiano.  Check out the blog post and photos from the event here on the Labor Wines website.

As well, Corey just received some fantastic press in Vegas Rated, a national magazine that is based in Las Vegas in regard to his 2010 Pinot Noir.  Their digital edition can be found here and the spread is on pages 56 & 57.  The wine has been receiving great support overall, especially in Vegas at restaurants on the Strip and some local specialty shops.


We look forward to having a chance to catch up with each and every one of you hopefully before the holidays, either in person or over the phone.  Hope that you have a very happy Thanksgiving with your family – enjoy the time together!



A chance to give back…

Monday, April 30th, 2012

On Wednesday, April 25th I had the pleasure to speak with the Restaurant/Bar Concept Development & Entrepreneurship class at my alma mater, the University of Denver, Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management. I am fortunate that I also sit on the Executive Advisory Board at the school and I take an extreme amount of pride in doing so. I try to take every opportunity to return to the school and share my expertise and when the invitation came to visit, I immediately jumped at the chance.

Assistant Professor, Dr. Cheri Young and Director, Operations Eric Lane are teaching a class on developing business plans and concept development, while working with a local entrepreneur to help him develop his gluten-free beer concept/brew pub. They asked me to give the students a consultant’s perspective, while helping to lead them in the right direction. What made this class special was that it only contained 8 students and all are seniors graduating in the next few months.

The professors let me know I would have the full 1 hour and 50 minutes of class to speak, conduct a question-and-answer session and true back & forth to engage the students, which I was extremely flattered by and definitely appreciated.

I tried to give the class a varied perspective overall, while guiding them through the process.  To start I shared with them my personal background and industry experience, including how important that the University of Denver was and remains to me.  Then, I had to give them a ‘reality check’ by driving home the point that passion will only get you so far, but focusing on ROI is a key with any concept and operation.  We then talked about the overall methodology of a business plan/concept statement, in broad terms and what was needed in this report.
The life of a consultant and what it means to be a consultant – this was an interesting conversation to have with 20-22 year old students soon to enter our industry.  This can sometimes be tough for people overall to grasp, since everyone believes that they can be a consultant.  On the value of experience – too many people call themselves consultants, however, few have the true time, knowledge and awareness of the industry to provide clients with an appropriate perspective and valued analysis.  Finally, I shared a case study by The Nyman Group of a former client of ours that showed the students the positives and negatives of the hospitality industry, along with a comprehension of how we do our job.
I finished speaking, talking about moving forward and their role in the hospitality industry upon graduation.  I let the students know that they could feel free to contact me directly and I would happily remain available to them should they have any questions that I could assist with.

I can’t wait to return to campus to visit with the students and more classes soon. Next trip will before our Spring EAB meeting, held the day before graduation and I will then have a chance to meet the graduating seniors and their families at the going away celebration. I’m thrilled I continue to have the chance to give back to the university and program that I love and care so deeply about. Don’t ever forget about the value your experience in your chosen industry has, especially for those who are just starting in the business – you have something to teach! Give back and share…



Saturday Night Truck Stop & Throwdown!

Monday, February 20th, 2012

This past Saturday night I was asked by Jolene Mannina (known better to many in Vegas as the brains behind Sloppi Jo’s (@SloppiJos) food truck and the founder of Saturday Night Truck Stop (@SNTruckStop) to be one of her guest judges for the Back of House Throwdown.  This event is held every Saturday night, starting between 8pm and 10pm, then going into Sunday morning until about 2am to 4am with a collection of 4-6 different Las Vegas Food Trucks gathered selling their culinary delights to locals and tourists at Tommy Rocker’s (@TommyRockers), located right behind the Strip.


Jo had created the throwdown as a way to bring out two local chefs from Strip restaurants, give them a basket of ‘secret’ ingredients and then 30 minutes on the clock to create two dishes on one of the food trucks that gathered for that night’s Truck Stop.  It is a pretty cool event which has gotten great backing from the local restaurant community and their staff.  My co-judges that night were my buddy, Geno Bernardo (@ChefGeno) – Executive Chef of Nove Italiano at The Palms and Dominic Scali, better known at The Vegas Foodie (@TheVegasFoodie), a local food blogger and great guy.


This week’s Throwdown pitted Chef Jason Johnston from Bellagio against Frank Ortiz from Wynn & Encore.  Chef Johnston commandeered the Rusty Pickle Food Truck (@RustyPickle) with his Sous Chef Severin Nunn, while Chef Ortiz hopped onto the Redneck Kitchen Food Truck (@RedneckKitchen).  The secret ingredients were a tough collection, but all easily manageable to create some fantastic dishes – they included Brown Rice Flour, Chicken Thighs, Italian Sausage, Celery, Sumac and Rice Paper.  The chefs were then allowed to use anything found on the food trucks to further embellish their dishes.


Aside from some brisk winds and some short 10-15 minute rain sprinkles, the crowd was supportive from the start, getting behind each chef and cheering them on.


The best dish of the night was created by Chef Johnston, which was a take on a Vietnamese Summer Roll – using boned chicken thighs, roasted vegetables and a Sumac Aioli (that really stole the show).  Between us three judges, we were extremely impressed by their creativity, abilities to pull off dishes in only thirty minutes and flavors.  After some serious debate and conversations, we came to a conclusion and the winner was…Chef Johnston!


I was thrilled to be asked to participate and can’t wait to be back to judge another contest, especially on a warmer night!  Next time, I promise to bring a bottle of Labor Wines too…


Vegas Uncork’d

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Last Friday night, we had a chance to experience what has become one of the preeminent foodie events in the country, the Bon Appétit Vegas Uncork’d Grand Tasting held at the pools at Caesars Palace. 52 restaurants and James Beard winning chefs gathered to strut their culinary stuff to 2,500 guests visiting Sin City. Restaurant’s tables were strategically placed around the multitude of pools, along with collections of wineries offering up samples of their latest vintages.

Earlier in the day, temperatures were in the mid-90s, but the evening turned gorgeous with a constant cooling breeze and moderate weather. Guests were in celebratory spirits – I mean, wouldn’t you be too if you could enjoy delicious food and wines by a pool? Walking outside to the event we immediately ran into some of our favorite foodie friends who were already breaking down the best dishes that the restaurants were putting out. This, while being hysterical, was great information for us to start and plot our walkabout.

Fortunately, we had two great guides for the evening – Franck Savoy (Director of Food & Beverage at Caesars) and his fiancé Leigh, making suggestions of which restaurants to see and escorting us around the event. One of the first tastes I was able to enjoy was the miniature roasted beet salad created by Sage Restaurant and Chef Shawn McClain. Chef McClain’s deft touch was on exhibition and the flavors were in great harmony. One of my favorite tastes of the night was next from Bar Masa, an Australian Kobe Carpaccio with citrus and sea salt – this was rich and opulent but also light and perfectly seasoned.

Moving on, we made our way to Vintner Grill’s booth, where they were producing modern American Carnitas tacos with fig jam, caramelized onions and pea sprouts. It was a delicious take on a Mexican staple and they pulled it off with style. As we continued, tasting some Chocolate from Green & Blacks (very good but too warm unfortunately), we stopped up to the American Spirit Lounge overlooking the pools complex. This was held at the new high roller/VIP pools, which were absolutely gorgeous and serene despite all of the guests down below.

Continuing, we saw our buddy Ben Dayag, the Executive Chef of Social House who had created a delectable Pork Belly dish on edamame puree and topped with pickled onion. This Pan-Asian restaurant is a great choice for sushi, but also their composed dishes never disappoint. We popped over to the B&B table where they were offering some of their house-cured meats – good in concept, but the roll that some of them were served on was dry and a weak complement. We were very fortunate to see an old friend and extremely talented chef, David Varley, who has moved on from Vegas working for Michael Mina where he has become their Corporate Chef based in San Francisco but traveling the country opening restaurants. He was kind enough to introduce us to Brady Lowe, founder of Cochon 555 which Chef Varley had participated in. Brady was in Vegas checking out the experience of Bon Appetit before the All-Star Cochon to be held on July 24th at the Cosmopolitan – can’t wait for that event!

And funny enough, our next move took us to the restaurants of the Cosmopolitan, where we started to run into even more friends in the PR and foodie world, all excited about the restaurants in front of us. Always great to see Gil Lempert-Schwarz, wine writer extraordinaire and his wife Christine, then Al Mancini and his wife Sue, one of my favorite foodies and food writers. From the Kobe Sliders by STK (Delicious!) to the chilled Asparagus soup and Maki Rolls by Blue Ribbon Sushi (personal favorite), the hotel’s restaurants were out of this world. I love going to that hotel to just enjoy the creativity and different vibe compared to the rest of Vegas. Here we ran smack into Robin Leach (with another STUNNING blonde on his arm) and Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review-Journal with his lovely Cara – I’m sure they were getting all of the great gossip from the evening!

Then, I had a chance to see an old friend and co-worker, Anthony Fusco, who is the much lauded Chef de Cuisine for Rick Moonen at rm seafood who was co-hosting his booth with Ralph Pagano the chef of STK Miami. These guys were basically running a comedy routine and by far having the most fun out of anyone at the event. Moving on we saw old friends from Mesa Grill (sans Bobby), Eric Klein, Executive Chef of Spago who’s as personable as he is talented in the kitchen and hob-nobbing with Susan Feniger, one of the ‘Two Hot Tamales’ of Border Grill fame – she’s an absolute sweetheart too!

As the event wound down, we didn’t know where the last 2 ½ hours had gone! It was an amazing experience being able to talk to so many chefs, hang out with fellow foodies and enjoy the culinary adventure. I’m looking forward to Vegas Uncork’d coming back next year and being able to eat and drink so more!

January 2011 – LA. Pinot Days, Valentino & a Surprise

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

In keeping with our passion of wine and wine culture, we had a chance to visit Los Angeles for the 2nd Annual Pinot Days tasting held at Barker Hanger at the Santa Monica Airport. This collection of over 90 Pinot Noir producers was held on an amazingly gorgeous January afternoon and attended by a great group of Industry, prior to the General Tasting held afterwards.

My favorites on the day were from such legacy wineries as Sokol Blosser, Bouchaine, Morgan, Talley and Siduri. Other fantastic wines came from Belle Pente, Gary Farrell and Domaine Chandon, all offering fantastic pinot’s with great flavors.

Post-tasting we made our way over to Santa Monica to enjoy some of the cool ocean breezes on such a sunny day, walking around 3rd Street Promenade and stopping into a favorite, Bar Pintxo for some Tapas. Once again, the restaurant delivered on the experience, we sat at the Tapa bar and spoke with their chef throughout our 2 bottles of wine lunch and fantastic offerings of Gambas al Ajillo, Grilled Octopus and Spanish meats and cheeses.

After a true Spanish siesta (much needed!) the evening continued onto Valentino Restaurant where uber-host Piero Selvaggio was expecting our arrival with open arms and multiple bottles of wine. The evening’s plan was to have Piero join us for a meal in the Vin Bar part of the restaurant, so he could continue working the room and wishing his guests well upon departure. It is always a pleasure to watch Piero work his restaurant as I truly believe he is the best host in America – he knows everything about his guests, is always welcoming, extremely generous and consummate professional.

I was also able to enjoy one of the top 5 dishes of my life, Grilled Octopus with Squid Ink Fregola. WOW!. The Octopus was extremely tender, lightly seasoned and had a touch of smokiness from the char-grill, while the Sardinian Fregola had the balance of saltiness from the Squid Ink and a slight nuttiness, balancing the al dente consistency.

During the meal Piero received a phone call that was a great surprise to us all. Suddenly, we found out that we would be graced by an old friend and mentor of mine, Wolfgang Puck! This was turning out to be a wild evening and a reunion between Wolf, Piero and Robert, our President – considering they’ve been friends since 1983.

Upon Wolf’s arrival, all three gentlemen slid back into their roles, bantering back and forth, tasting different dishes and wine corks popping on various bottles. Topics ranged from traveling the world, opening restaurants, life changes, charitable foundations and the like. I had been witnessing such experiences with them since I was 6 years old and now I was at the table participating in the conversations and enjoyment. Trust me, to have been a fly on the wall for that evening would give you entertainment for a long time. We were there late into the night, long after the restaurant had closed, and let me tell you it was well worth it!

The next morning we embraced an LA tradition, heading to Pink’s Hot Dogs for the earliest trip I have ever been there, at 10:45am! This Breakfast/Lunch run was a great call considering there was no line at the venerated venue (woo hoo!) and the hot dogs hit the spot. We ordered our usual, 2 Chili Dogs with Sauerkraut each and embraced the LA sunshine on the back patio. And yes, I did get some acid reflux from the hot dog joy and it was well worth it! Can’t wait to go back and do it all over again…always remember, keep eating and drinking!

American Wine & Food Festival

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Just back from the 28th Annual AWFF benefitting City Meals on Wheels of Los Angeles held on the Back Lot of Universal Studios. I love this event! It has to be my favorite foodie event of the year and is always the one I look forward to. Once again, we worked with Piero Selvaggio (the best restaurant host/most hospitable man in America) and the Valentino Restaurant Group ( at the most popular booth at the event. The Nyman Group was well represented this year with Craig and myself working with Piero’s team yet again to keep the masses happy!

Getting ready for a great evening!

Guest’s favorite was the Grilled Pizza (a yearly staple) along with Grilled Chicken Sausage and Tuscan BBQ Pork Ribs, accompanied by Polenta, Fresh Seafood Salad and Eggplant Napoleon. To complement the savory items, Chef Alex created a selection of Artisanal Gelato; Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry. Chef Luciano Pellegrini and Chef Nico Chessa were in charge of the event for the restaurant, producing an amazing job and Tommy T and Ruben kept the full production going all evening long. Craig had roundsman duties all night, going from the grill with me to serving on the front line and making the guests happy.

Highlights from the event included the Handrolls from Blue Ribbon Sushi, Jose Andres’ restaurants, the Raw Bar at Bouchon, Spago Maui’s Asian Combination Plate and Blackbird’s Bourbon Barrel Panna Cotta with Toasted Pine Nuts. Looking forward to doing it again next year for year #29!