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Business. Be Better.

Friday, November 16th, 2018

Are you in the business of doing business, or are you just doing business?


I pose the question as we all work on a daily basis for a purpose, hopefully, with greater goals in mind and for success.  However, while others just go about their day looking emails aimlessly, using excuses for why not to do business and looking at ways to be a negative impact upon others in a business capacity.


So, what kind of business person are you?  Do you wish to collaborate with others and believe in the concept of a ‘rising tide raises all boats’ or do you wish to bring down others by stepping on them to ‘succeed’ and get ahead?


Ladies and gentlemen, we all have in our minds and hearts to be better and do better.  The question goes back to, do we WANT to be better and succeed.  We have all encountered those to relish the negativity and always look at the glass half empty.  You know what I say to them?  The glass is 100% full!


This outlook may not resonate with you, but I believe it to be true.


We all have problems.  We all have challenges.  We all have things that impact upon us negatively.  However, our true test is how we embrace these and move forward, each day, to be better ourselves and in a business capacity to work through and succeed.  As humans and members of society it is our choice to do, give more than we take and share with others.


Now is when I would like to ask all of you to be better.  How are you going to support someone else today?  How will you chose to be a business person that conducts business with class, ethics, morals and the ethos that humanity comes first?


As a human being, I challenge each of you to Be Better and use THAT as your mantra…




Thursday, July 23rd, 2015


What does this mean, ‘All it takes is a win’? Well, we as human beings thrive on success.  This is not a test, nor a misconception or even a passing fad.  Life is better when we do well – causing overall positivity and happiness, which we love to share with others.


A win could be a simple as a stranger smiling back at you on the street when you smile at them.  It is the mere effort of holding a door for someone you don’t know, unexpectedly and them saying thank you or how nice that is.  A greater win is when you have a project go your way, receiving kudos (financial or merely a way to go) from your client or boss honoring what you have accomplished.  Bigger than that, a win is a major life accomplishment such as a graduation or promotion.


It doesn’t have to be winning at a game or beating an opponent, but more along the lines of our personal, family or group successes.  Almost all people enjoy sharing their positive experiences with others – for fact of validation, additional emotional reactions or just being good natured.


Why do we need to ‘win’?  What’s a way that you’ve ‘won’ recently?  Can we win each and every day?