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Hail to the Chief…

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018



As America says goodbye to our 41st President, the memories, stories, thoughts and feelings are all coming up about George H.W. Bush.  Most will remember only his time as Commander in Chief, while others will respect his many, many years in service dedicated to our country.  I will be the first to admit, while growing up I just wasn’t aware of what a true diplomat and patriot he was, but at 17 years old I was able to learn about not only his dedication to the United States of America, but also to America’s future, our youth.


In 1995, I had the distinct pleasure of being nominated by the National Restaurant Association as a future leader, with my reward being honored by the American Academy of Achievement and invited to their Annual Event.  At this event, I would be joined by over 300 youths who were also nominated for their various achievements in Athletics, Theatre, Academics, Music, etc., who would all join the adult leaders who were being honored for their success in their various industries.  We had the ability to mingle, listen, dine and be with these great Americans over the course of three days in various environments at Historical Willamsburg, Virginia.  The roster is too long to name now, but I can tell you that some of these leaders I had the opportunity to speak directly with were Robin Williams, Martha Stewart, Quincy Jones, Coach Mike Krzyzewski and countless others.


At one session, we were led into the performance hall and I happened to lucked into sitting in the first row, center seat in front of the podium on stage.  We were not made aware of who would be speaking to us that morning, however soon enough the group discovered that President Bush was the guest of honor.  I personally didn’t agree with his politics, but I can truly say that the speech he gave was the best I had ever heard in my entire life.  The 41st President told us stories, he shared anecdotes, made us laugh and then inspired us to service to others and our country.  His words were distinct and honest, his message was one of hope, leadership, selflessness and dedication.  While the exact speech the President gave I can’t remember and his words have long escaped me, it was his messages that have always stayed with me.


Ever since that day, I did my best to learn more about President Bush, his story and his commitment to our country.  As I still did not agree with most of his politics, I respected him as a man and someone who put the United States of America ahead of himself.


It has taken me a few days to write this, after the passing of President Bush and after listening and watching those around the country and world try to honor his memory and (even though he didn’t want this word used) his legacy.  But, today, I choose to remember someone who was a true Patriot.  A great American who’s service to our great land drove him through his life.


Rest in Peace President Bush, thank you for being a great man and an honorable American.



March 2011 Happenings in Las Vegas

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Earlier this month the annual Nightclub & Bar Show rolled into Las Vegas and was the perfect few days to see new and upcoming products as well as catch up with lots of friends and colleagues. At the show itself a few things that stood out this year were Bruce Cost Ginger Ale which was simply sensational, new Cucumber Vodka by Effen and Primo Beer, Hawaii’s original brew which was rereleased a year ago. We also had the opportunity to spend some time with our friends from Bar Business Magazine, Art Sutley and Chris Ytuarte – two great guys who are always on top of the latest and greatest in the industry. We were given the chance to take them to one of our favorite places in Las Vegas, Vesper Bar at the new Cosmopolitan which former mixologist turned GM Andrew Pollard helms the swanky cocktail spot. Between enjoying Hot Mules (Grey Goose Pear, Goslings Ginger Beer, Lemon Juice, Homemade Ginger Syrup and Angostura Bitters) and a bevy of Andrew’s other creations it was a great evening.

Our President, Robert J. Nyman was also present in Las Vegas for the show and presented us with an opportunity to head over to the brand new P.J. Clarke’s inside The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace to see an old friend, Larry Forgione, the “American Chef.” In between conversation and reminiscing we had an opportunity to sample some incredibly fresh oysters and clams as well as try what is now the best hamburger in Las Vegas. Using Meyer Company Ranch Red Angus beef and served with an onion slice, there is not much more you need as the hamburger is full of flavor and cooked perfectly.

The week also allowed us to enjoy two of our favorite New York outposts rolled into one here in Las Vegas as Blue Ribbon opened inside of the Cosmopolitan in December 2010. To say the meal was anything but sensational would be a crime. Bruce Bromberg was the consummate host and everything from the Horse Mackerel and Uni wrapped in Red Snapper topped with Caviar to Octopus with Foie Gras and Salmon Roe and of course the famous Fried Chicken was spectacular.

More adventures in 2011 are coming so be on the lookout for more of the dish on dining and drinking.


Craig A. Nyman